How to get started/Information

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How to get started/Information

Post by SpeedGnome on Sun Jul 13, 2008 11:10 pm

Take time to read through this!

Okay, ill just make this QUICK and easy.

You need the following stuff:
1. World of Warcraft
(You don't need TBC - Just tell me if you don't have or don't want your account to be TBC)
2. Not the newest patch. You need 2.4.x
How to get Started:

1. Open your with Notepad. It is usually found in your World Of Warcraft directory
2. Replace whatever stands there with "Set realmlist"
3. Add
or PM me at the forum.
They will create your account - We will get account creation page done soon.

While you wait for your account you CAN play on our "WAITING" accounts too check out the game

Name Password
Account1 - Account1
Account2 - Account2
Account3 - Account3
Account4 - Account4
Account5 - Account5

Do not take theese accounts AS youre own.

Have fun! And tell me if you need help bounce

By the way! Read theese rules and information

1. PvP is allowed everywhere exept on Events and in Shattrath
2. Begging for gold, items, level etc. Is strictly forbidden
But! at low level events you can recieve levels.
3. If you need a GM, create a ticket.

By the way.
This Tabard "TechnoWoW Tabard"
You can ONLY recieve if you defeat a GM in battle.
The GM's cannot use any form for cheat while doing a battle VS You.

If you feel like getting pwned in a 1v1 battle, just ask a GM

2v2 GM battle
You can ALSO 2v2 GM battle
2 players
2 GM's

This time it's alot harder - But !

If you defeat the 2 GM's you will get 1 Tabard Each player.
And if you win you will be teleported to Event Rewarder area.

Oh.. And i don't think i have told you but..

The Mall

We have a slightly SMALL Mall in Shattrath where you can buy basic stuff as
low level weapons (not 70)
Dungeon 2 (good for low level training)
We do not sell Tier6 .. You have to earn it yourself (On Events or PvE)

Custom Gear
We have custom gear, Event Gear pro etc. Check it out when you join Smile

When you start you will se a vendor which sells TechnoWoW Official Tabard
Buy it ! Smile

Well.. Thats about it.. Have fun on the server


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