Gm application RevNight

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Gm application RevNight

Post by RevNight on Sun Jul 13, 2008 10:08 pm

Revnight's Gm Application For Techno WoW

1Name: Alex Eline

2How Long Have you played on Techno WoW: I joined the server when it started which was when the server's current version was 2.3, And the server had a long term shutdown so im back.

3.How Long have you played World of warcraft: About 2 years now

4.Tell me what Mysql is: Mysql is a basic server database kit, it is used to run and develop game servers and it can edit the variables of the game eg items.

5.Why should YOU be a GM ? What can YOU do to make this server any better: I should be a GM because im very active and im a helpfull person in anything required, I can advertise to my friends or on forums so the server community grows, I could do GameEvents, Support Tickets and Announcements

6.Basic commands: .Summon (playername), .appear ( playername) .Cheat (God,Fly,etc) .reviveplr .kick name reason, .banuser name reason & .ban name reason, .warn

Secoundary Question List

A)Ammount of Characters: Before the mass wipe and updates i had about 4 i believe

B)What is a good gm to you: A good gm to me is a gm who supports players before attending to his own needs, A good gm is one who talks in formal language, And a good gm is a one who stays calm and never tends to argue or takes his anger out on a player. A good gm is someone who never gives up and trusts the players.

C)My opinion on whats the most important gm job: To me the most important job for a gm is Taking care of the server and its players, attending to there needs and requests,

Gl to meh


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Re: Gm application RevNight

Post by SpeedGnome on Sun Jul 13, 2008 10:09 pm

Moved for further desicition

1. Server is not opened yet
2. We do not have enough players.
3. Try to get more and you will get instant approved


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