Sparkz Co-Owner/Owner Application

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Sparkz Co-Owner/Owner Application

Post by sparkz on Sun Jul 13, 2008 9:39 pm

1. Lets start out with your name
Gamename : Sparkz
2. How long have you played on TechnoWoW?
Since it started, and ive now came back.
3. How long have you played World Of Warcraft
Since it came out
4. Tell me, What is MySQL and SQL ? What can i do with MySQL and SQL?
Its a database, You could add graveyards, and other stuff
5. Why should YOU be a GM ? What can YOU do to make this server any bether?
I cna make Malls/Vendors/Weapons/Jellery/Custom Cities/Events/Townz/Level Roads/Armour, Loads of stuff
6. Tell me some BASIC Ascent commands.
.gmticket get ( i have addon for it ) .cheat fly, .cheat land, .gobject spawn ****, go del, go sel, appear ****, .summon ****, .commands , .announce, .gm , loads.

A) How many characthers do you have on TechnoWoW
3, but got deleted because technowow went down for a while
B) What do you mean is a GOOD GM?
Someone who wnats to Help people, Mature, friendly.
C) What is your oppninion of what a GM's most important job is
Helping Players, checking forums, checking tickets, helping players with there problems.

I hope to become your Co-Owner or maybe another Owner, i will work my hardest.


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Re: Sparkz Co-Owner/Owner Application

Post by SpeedGnome on Sun Jul 13, 2008 10:07 pm

Make a new one
But this time write what says in the Admin App Rules.


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