GM Application Rules

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GM Application Rules

Post by SpeedGnome on Sun Jul 13, 2008 9:28 pm

Ok. You need to answer to all of theese questions. Even tho you don't know the answer.

1. Lets start out with your name.
2. How long have you played on TechnoWoW?
- Do you have any maximum level characthers at TechnoWoW
- If yes, tell me about it.
3. How long have you played World Of Warcraft
4. Tell me, What is MySQL and SQL ? What can i do with MySQL and SQL?
5. Why should YOU be a GM ? What can YOU do to make this server any bether?
6. Tell me some BASIC Ascent commands.

Okay.. Well now that you have answered that. Don't think you can apply yet.
Because.. Here comes MORE questions..

A) How many characthers do you have on TechnoWoW
B) What do you mean is a GOOD GM?
C) What is your oppninion of what a GM's most important job is

Well.. That is pretty much it. It's not much, but a tip is to use alot of time on this.
Cuz i am strict when it comes to GM!

BTW! Do NOT reply to this topic


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